Urban Factory - La Luz Incidente
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La Luz Incidente

By Ariel Rotter

Country: Argentina, France

Language: Spanish

Director: Ariel Rotter

Casting: Erica Rivas, Marcelo Subiotto, Susana Pampín, Greta Cura, Lupe Cura

Production year: 2015

Runtime: 01h35

Production company: Aircine, Tarea Fina, Urban Factory

A period drama set in 1960s Argentina, The story about the erratic beginning of a relationship and the urgent need for the first light after darkness. Since the accident, Luisa has not been able to put her life back together. But when a seductive stranger comes into her life and forcefully proposes starting over, Luisa is confronted with the grieving process she had previously done everything to avoid. The new man’s overwhelming energy may be hiding warning signs about his character, and the possibility of rebuilding a family starts to blur with a powerful anxiety that overcomes everything and everyone in its path.