In production

Sima’s Song

By Roya Sadat

Country: France, Spain, Netherlands

Original title: Sima's song

Director: Roya Sadat

Production year: 2023

Runtime: 01h30

In the pre-civil war context in Afghanistan, young Suraya (communist, wealthy) and Sima (conservative, humble Muslim) keep their lifelong friendship alive despite their opposing life choices. While Suraya is appointed head of the Women’s Organization of the communist party in power, Sima agrees to marry her friend Wahab and gets involved with the mujahideen to defend Muslim values. Both friends respect each other in their disparity, but with the war about to break out, they are inadvertently forced apart by political leaders. When asked to spy on each other, Sima and Suraya put their friendship first and end up locked in the same prison, where Sima is tortured for information. Battered, Sima dies in Suraya’s arms, but her spirit lives on in Suraya’s memory.