In development

Let Us Not Be Strangers

By Julien Trauman

Country: (Fr) France

Languages: French, Spanish, Yiddish

Original title: Let us not be strangers

Director: Julien Trauman

Production company: (Fr) Urban Factory

At the beginning of the 20th century, several networks for trafficking women were established to compensate for the numerical predominance of men in Argentina. Blanche is one of these young French women who followed Juste, an ambitious pimp, to the New World, believing she would live with him in great love. Her sweet dream shatters when she discovers that he intended her to sell her charms, even though, despite the customs of the environment, he indeed became infatuated with her. José, a talented musician who plays in brothels, then tries to rescue her from this hell. For them begins a new life of escape, wandering, and making do. But their love story will also be disrupted by the arrival of Maryla, an ambitious Polish singer who dreams of taking advantage of the rise of Yiddish theater in Buenos Aires.

Through a historical and profoundly intimate fresco, LET US NOT BE STRANGERS tells the story of women and men in exile who, against the backdrop of Tango, between brothels and Yiddish theaters, have only love to prevent them from being crushed by the course of history.