Urban Factory - Francesca i l’Amor
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Francesca i l’Amor

By Alba Sotorra

Country: France, Spain

Original title: Francesca i l’amor

Director: Alba Sotorra

Production year: 2022

Runtime: 01h23

Francesca i l’Amor is a feature-length documentary centered on a Barcelona-based artist. Upon turning sixty and finding herself alone at home, Francesca decides to find a partner. But where can she find one? Encouraged by friends, she delves into the absurd world of the dating app Tinder, leading to a series of unconventional sexual encounters, but ultimately leaving her feeling hollow and dissatisfied. Navigating a complex relationship with her terminally ill mother, Francesca begins to realize that love may be closer than she ever imagined. With a blend of humor, zest for life, and affection, Francesca i l’Amor serves as an ode to femininity, sexuality, and the nature of love, no matter your age.

Festival de Malaga, Spain, 2022