Urban Factory - Viramundo
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By Pierre-Yves Borgeaud

Country: France, Switzerland

Languages: Portuguese, English

Original title: Viramundo

Director: Pierre-Yves Borgeaud

Casting: Gilberto Gil, Vusi Mahlasela, Peter Garrett, Tjimba Possum Burns

Production year: 2013

Runtime: 01h35

Production company: Dreampixies, Urban Factory

After decades of sold out shows and international recognition, musician Gilberto Gil embarks on a new kind of world tour through the southern hemisphere. From Brazil to Australia and South Africa, Gil continues the work he began as Brazil’s first black Minister of Culture – promoting the power of cultural diversity in a globalized world and sharing his vision for our future: a diverse, interconnected planet filled with hope, exchange…and of course music !

Visions du Réel – Suisse, 2013 – Film d’ouverture et compétition

Fünf Seen FF – Allemagne, 2013 – Compétition

Rio IFF – Brésil, 2013

Antenna FF – Australie, 2013 – Compétition

DMZ Docs – Corée du Sud, 2013 – Global Vision Section

Festival Le Cinema des Peuples Ânûû-rû âboro – Nouvelle-Calédonie, 2013 – Compétition

CineDoc – Grèce, 2014

Mossuril Filmfest – Mozambique, 2014