In development

Les garçons de Ouaki

By Walid Tayaa

Walid Tayaa, director and main protagonist of the film, walks in the Chabanais street. The area is known for the brothels that existed in the XIXth and XXth centuries. Passing by the Gallery « Au Bonheur du Jour », he sees nude stills made by Rudolf Lehnert. Through the window, handsome naked men are pausing in an oriental scenery. The photos are from another time. Walid, fascinated, goes in. The photos have been taken a century ago in Ouaki, a gay brothel established in Tunis Medina, a few meters from the Zitouna Mosque.

From this moment on, Walid starts an investigation into this forgotten place and the history of gay prostitution in Tunisia, looking for the last witnesses. This journey through time and space will lead him to the origins of French colonization, the cosmopolitan Paris that blossomed during world war one, the presidency of Habib Bourguiba and the claims of today’s LGBT community.

Director: Walid Tayaa

Country: France, Tunisia